Do you work only with "fast" runners?

No. While I do work with a few very fast runners, I also work with novice runners training for their first 5K. But the majority of my clients fit somewhere in between. The fact is, genetics plays a large role in how fast we can each run. My goal is to help every runner reach their own potential – whatever that may be.

Do you work only with ultrarunners?

No.  While a good percentage of my clients are ultrarunners, I also coach many road racers and several triathletes as well. And regardless of what type of runner you consider yourself to be, if you work with me I'll encourage you to explore other events.

Do you specify a set number of miles each day or week? 

I don’t measure training by miles. Rather, I prefer to specify workout durations by time. Your body knows how long you are running, not how far. One runner may go 18 miles in 2 hrs at an easy pace while another only goes 11 miles, but they are each getting the same training benefit. Similarly, when I run for 3 or 4 hours in the mountains, I don’t worry about how short the distance was; I know I got a good long run. For most runners who train with me, the total number of miles doesn't change as much as the composition of those miles.

What types of payments do you accept? 

For my coaching fee, I accept personal checks mailed to me, or I can bill you online using Paypal Invoicing. With this method, you can choose to use a bank account, credit card, etc. and it is safe and secure.

Exactly how does your coaching work? 

First, I have a questionnaire that I ask you to fill out when getting started. This gives me a lot of useful info all in one place. Then, I put together a training overview that explains my basic training philosophy as well as a high-level overview of your next few months of training. Then every other Monday I send out the specific schedule for the following 2 weeks. I encourage my runners to use a free online training log called AttackPoint, so I can easily follow your various workouts during the week and provide feedback as needed. While the actual running workouts are critical of for getting ready for any race, I also stress the mental preparation needed to compete successfuly. And for runners preparing for ultras, I'll work with you on the logistics (fueling, hydration, walking, lights, etc.) that become more of a factor as the distance increases.

How long do you typically work with a runner? 

The time I coach each runner varies greatly. It often coincides with a specific goal event that is 6 – 12 months in the future. Part of my coaching is designed to give you the confidence and tools to continue with a well-structured program on your own after our formal coaching is over. I do recommend at least 6 months of coaching in order to have enough time to adapt to the system and see the improvements.

What happens if I get injured and can’t run? 

Should you become injured and not be able to run, I will credit any weeks for which you’ve already paid. Then, when you are ready to start up the workouts again, you’ll still have the same amount of coaching pre-paid. Of course during your injury break from coaching, I’ll still be available for any help or advice you need.

Will you help me set a time goal for my race? 

Yes. I want to know what your goal is up front, but I will always be honest with you as to what I think you are capable of. It is important to set goals that are both hard enough to be meaningful, but also reasonable based on your fitness.

Do you specify specific workouts on specific days? 

No. Instead I list the week’s workouts by number, with number 1 being the most important run, 2 the next most important, etc. Then, you can look at your real-life schedule each week and figure out when it makes sense to do each workout. Should you know it is going to be a rough week and you may not get all the scheduled runs in, you can focus on the most important ones. The one exception to this are back-to-back long runs where it is important to do them on 2 consecutive days.

Do you help with nutrition? 

I am by no means a nutritionist when it comes to day-to-day eating. However I am very capable of helping you plan for your race-day eating and drinking. We’ll work on these strategies in training so you are comfortable with what works. I do give general diet advice and help many of my clients lose weight as part of their training plan.

A question you don’t see here? 

Give me a call or email - I look forward to talking with you about your running!

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