Paul's Bio

I ran competitively for over 25 years, starting at the age of 13 in a youth track and cross country program in my hometown Cary, North Carolina. In High School, I was a State Champion in Indoor Track (3200M) and Outdoor Track (1600M - photo below) while also competing in triathlons. As a young runner in the pre-internet age, I waited each month for the latest running magazines and read everything I could about the sport.


I then attended North Carolina State University where I ran Cross Country in the fall and the 1500m during track season for my first two years of college.

The increase in training mileage made for a tough transition, and I was often injured. I ran more miles my freshman year of college training for the 1500m than I ever did during my years of racing 50 and 100 mile events!

During those first two years of college running, I ended up spending more time time biking, swimming, and lifting than running it seemed, so I went back to competing in Triathlons and open road races. It was also during this time that I ran (and loved) my very first trail race - an 18 miler called Mazatzals in Sunflower Arizona. It would take many years before my next trail race but the seed was planted.


After moving to Colorado in 1996, I continued running road races and also started competing in shorter trail and mountain races like the Pikes Peak Ascent. From there it didn't take long before I did my first ultramarathon (Mt. Mitchell Challenge). 

Along with several friends, in 2001 I helped organize a local running group called Team CRUD - Coloradans Running Ultra Distances soon after getting into ultras. Team CRUD continues to provide a great way for local runners to get introduced to ultras. Each year, you'll see about a dozen CRUDers in races like the San Juan Solstice, and the Leadville Trail 100.


Over the years, I won more than 20 marathons and ultramarathons, as well as numerous shorter road and trail races. I still run for fun but save the racing for mountain biking.

As a coach for the last 7 years, I've been able to share my love and knowledge of running with numerous athletes; both novice and experienced, locally and remote (4 continents so far).

I'd love to share my ideas and knowledge with you as well, regardless of whether your goal is beating the cut-offs, winning your age group, or setting a course record.


Achievements of Note

2005 Montrail Ultra Cup Champion
2003 and 2004 Leadville Trail 100 Winner
2005 Vermont Trail 100 Winner
CR, Heartland Trail 100, KS (14:26)
CR, Umstead Trail Marathon, NC (2:40:35)
CR, Pemberton Trail 50K, AZ (3:11:53)


PRs, Road and Track

1500m - 3:55 

5K road - 14:44 

8K road - 24:50 

10K road - 31:28 

Half Marathon - 1:09:56 

20 Mile - 1:47:16

PRs, Trail Ultras

Marathon - 2:40:35 

50K - 3:11:53

50M - 6:31

100K - 8:54

100M - 14:26

Thanks so much for helping me reach this goal/dream! The real key was the walking practice. I guarantee I walked over 60 miles but because I was able to walk so fast, my time was still decent and I was never in danger of a cutoff. 

Congrats on 9 out of 10 clients finishing Leadville this year. You deserve a lot of credit.

 - Patrick T

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