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Train Smarter, Not Harder

Going out and running each day at the same pace can be fun and suits many runners fine, but it isn't going to enable you to achieve the best results in your races. Simply running more each day isn't going to maximize your potential either.

What each runner needs, and what I believe in providing, is a balanced training program with a specific purpose driving each run.

Analyze Your Strengths

I will also help you analyze your running history to figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are and adjust your training accordingly. For runners focusing on ultramarathons, strategy, logistics, and fueling/hydration are extremely important topics that will also be addressed and practiced in your workouts.

No matter your racing distance, you’ll learn the importance of effective tapering, realistic goal-setting, and smarter race-day execution.

While it is certainly possible to PR in a 10K road race or finish your first 100-mile trail race with nothing more than running as part of your training program, I believe you'll be not only a better runner but also a healthier and more fit athlete if you include cross-training activities in your program each week.

So I encourage all my clients to incorporate weight lifting, including core exercises and plyometrics, into their routines and other cardio activities. Along with your specific running workouts, I'll guide you to safely and effectively add these types of cross-training activities to your schedule.

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Getting started with a coaching program is easy - I'm ready whenever you are. All it takes is a few minutes of your time.