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Smart Coaching Programs

My normal coaching program consists of an initial high-level training overview, followed by weekly training schedules. I also write articles on running-related topics such as nutrition, working through injuries, cross-training, etc., and make those available to you.

And finally, I am available to answer questions via email or by phone as much as needed. My motto is Train Smarter, Not Harder - most runners don't need to run more miles to improve; rather, they need a smart, structured approach in which every training run has a purpose.

Please feel free to give me a call for more information about what to expect from my coaching. I'd love to help you become a faster, stronger, and, yes, smarter runner this season.

Coaching Plans & Fees

  • Month-to-Month coaching - $150

  • 6 Month Coaching Block - $750

  • 12 Month Coaching Block - $1320

DeWitt Coaching


Thanks so much for helping me reach this goal/dream! The real key was the walking practice. I guarantee I walked over 60 miles but because I was able to walk so fast, my time was still decent and I was never in danger of a cutoff.
Congrats on 9 out of 10 clients finishing Leadville this year. You deserve a lot of credit.

~ Patrick T

Boston Qualifier!

I love you man! Thanks for everything,

~John D.

I like Paul’s approach because it is simple, effective, and always challenging. If you want to get faster, stronger, athletically smarter, lose body fat, and get expert advice about nutrition then DeWitt Coaching may be for you.

~ Chris R.

Having the right coach makes all the difference if you are looking for big improvements in your running performance. In the year I have been working with Paul, I have not only achieved PRs, but have become a more confident runner. If you can establish a goal and muster the commitment, Paul is an awesome partner for charting the way and ensuring you'll arrive at your ultimate destination! Thanks Paul!

~ Dusty R.